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We offer martial arts training in Fort Myers, Florida specializing in Ko Am Mu Do and Tae Kwon Do  as well as Hap Ki Do and weapons training.At our school, you will develop a strong mind, body and spirit. The heart of martial arts is to know yourself. Discover your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.The discipline in our school brings the students back 2,000 years when a dedication to Korean Martial Arts reflected a way of life. The techniques taught are supported by the spirit and philosophies of the original Korean martial arts. This is the only way students can learn true martial arts and avoid the pollution of a destructive mind-set. There is an emphasis on self discipline, traditional values and respect for higher belts and Instructors. Students will use this power of discipline to stay on the right path in our high pressured, competitive, overstressed society. This discipline is applied in all areas of personal, family, social and career to create a successful and long life.Students are not competing against others; they are only competing with themselves. Improvement is measured by progress the students make in their own development based on their own special needs and skills.

our classes

Introductory Program

Childrens Program -Special offer for Parents -Benefits for Children -Special Internet Offer Adults Program -The Solution -Why is United Martial Arts Different? -Special Internet Offer Children’s Program Give Your Children The Gift Of Self Confidence…..And a huge head start in life! We know you want to do everything you can to: Help your children succeed […]

Community Service

United Martial Arts Center The Benefits of Martial Arts for Children in Schools Presented By: Grand Master Noah Guak   Five Aims of Ko Am Mu Do – RESPECT – MODESTY – PERSEVERENCE – SELF CONTROL – HONESTY UMAC Mission for Elementary Schools The United Martial Arts Center lays the foundation for the HUMAN EDUCATION. […]


Winter And Spring Camp We are open year-round, including our popular Spring & Winter Martial Arts Camps!No more taking off work the weeks of winter and spring break while your children are out of school. We offer care from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, where you can drop off and pick up at your convience. […]

After School Programs

After School Program We will eliminate some of the worry from your workday. You will no longer have to worry about the school calling you at work to ask why your child hasn’t been picked up. We transport the children from their schools and deliver them safely to our school for an afternoon of fun, […]

Adult Program

Get In Shape, Increase Your Confidence, Lose Weight, Learn Self Defense & Have Fun!

Even improve your self discipline! Are you: Motivated to get in shape? Looking to lose a few pounds? Concerned about self defense? Interested in better self discipline? Stressed out?

Our Arts

Ko Am Mu Do

Ko Am Mu Do is the ONLY Martial Arts systems in history created together by 4 world famous and highly respected Korean Grandmasters, and all four are 9th Dan (degree) Black Belts!!!

Tae Kwon Do

The historical background of Taekwondo development will be explained following the chronological order of 4 different ages; ancient times, middles ages, modern ages and present times.

Hap Ki Do

Hapkido is a discipline of coordination, a way of strengthening the mind and body, of fusing the individuals physical and mental powers so that he or she will emerge as a more fully integrated human being.

What People Are Saying

A good school, very caring instructors, my daughter has learnt a lot in a short period of time.

Olga Pavlova Harrison

My husband, myself, my son and my daughter all love this place. This staff are so friendly and helpful and they really devote their time to the children to teach them all they need to learn about martial arts. You can tell just by watching them teach the children that they are very caring and actually put effort into what they’re doing to teach everyone’s child not only the basics but going above and beyond.

Kristin Milburn

We are so thankful to have Master Guak and his instructors come to our school and voluntarily instruct our students in Martial arts for 5 years. They have taught the students about developing self-discipline, physical strength, teamwork and motivation. This program has inspired many students to set goals, develop confidence and strive for excellence.


After each 10 week session, Master Guak and his colleagues organize a demonstration night, involving family members, teachers and administration. It is a spectacular event!


Our school community really appreciates the partnership that we have with Master Guak and United Martial Arts. Parents and teachers value the importance of developing self-reliance and confidence. This is the segue to success. They are making a lasting impact on the children in our community.



Robert Cooper Principal, Rayma C Page

Instructors are great! Take time with each individual.

Patrick Abbott

I love this place, so do my children!

Amber-Farhan Zafar

Amazing program for kids. They keep in touch with teachers and parents in regards to their behavior in class and at home.

Jay Perry

I love this place they are all good my kid is learning respect and discipline

Christiana Mejia

My girls LOVE going and the instructors are AMAZING!!!

Amanda Pelfrey Arsenault

Wonderful place, and my daughter has made some positive changes. Thank you to Grand Master and all the instructors.

Heather Balicki