Ko Am Mu Do

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Ko Am Mu Do is the ONLY Martial Arts systems in history created together by 4 world famous and highly respected Korean Grandmasters. All four are 9th Dan (degree) Black Belts!!!

Each Grand Master is a respected and highly accomplished pillar of the Martial Arts global community and continues to make significant contributions.

However, together they have combined experience spanning more than 180 years of teaching, learning and training, and that’s just a start.

Ko Am Mu Do – 2000 Years of Martial Arts Tradition

There is also the culmination of their experience along with their teacher’s knowledge. Add to that more than 2000 years of direct Korean martial arts lineage, history and tradition.

In the East where Martial Arts were born, it is more important who your Instructors are and who their Instructors were than any certificate or rank.

Ko Am Mu Do teaches true Korean Martial Arts. It is the perfect blend of traditional and modern martial arts that easily accommodates all martial arts styles.

Ko Am Mu Do training is specifically designed for different ages, gender and physical attributes. It is the only Martial Art anyone will ever need.

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