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Grand Master Guak was born in South Korea. 9th Degree Grand Master Noah Guak began studying the martial arts at an early age in South Korea. In the 1970’s, as his skill progressed, he gained extensive tournament experience and earned several Korean national championships.

Grand Master Guak opened his first martial arts school in Seoul, South Korea. This school was named Chung Moo, and he taught Tae Kwon Do and Hap ki do.


Then in 1983 he had the opportunity to move to Tijuana, Mexico. There he taught Hap Ki Do to the local police department. In addition, he also taught Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do to adults and school children at the YMCA.

United States

Shortly after he moved to the United States. And soon after that he moved to Florida. He has owned and operated the United Martial Arts Center in Lee County, Florida since 1988.

In 1994 he and three other Korean Grand Masters founded the Ko Am Mu Do Martial Arts System. They introduced this martial arts system to Grand Masters and Masters and other instructors all over South Korea in 1997. The art highlights the best the Korean Martial Arts has to offer. All in a comprehensive, fun to learn format.

In 2007 the United Martial Arts Center moved into the beautiful, state of the art United Martial Arts building. This building is the biggest, most modern martial arts training facility in Florida. This school is conveniently located in south Fort Myers, FL.

Grand Master Guak holds Grand Master degrees in Ko Am Mu Do, Tae Kwon Do and in traditional Hap Ki Do which he also teaches at the United Martial Arts Center. He holds the highest martial arts rank and is the most experienced instructor in the tri-county area. Grand Master Guak has been featured on the cover of the international martial arts magazine “Tae Kwon Do Times” three times. Grand Master Guak is in constant demand and has given numerous seminars and demonstrations all over Korea, Mexico and the United States. He speaks three languages (Korean, English, Spanish)